Crystal Lipstick Mouse

This is one of those ideas that could have actually been a pretty decent idea, but being a Japanese product they took it just a step too far.  A miniature mouse marketed towards women and made to resemble lipstick isn’t a bad idea by any means.  Along with the included pouch it actually makes it pretty purse friendly, but sadly they didn’t stop there.

No, they absolutely had to add in Swarvoski crystals to the mix.  Which could be the reason it’s so incredibly expensive.  The end of the mouse has the wireless USB device to hook it up to your laptop directly attached to it.  When you’re ready to put it to use it just pops off the end.  It uses a lithium battery that will last for days on end and just requires that you charge it every so often through your USB port.  The mouse comes in white, pink and black. All of which have a Swarvoski accent strip.  You can purchase one of these for $118 through the Japan Trend Shop.

Source: ChipChick

1 thought on “Crystal Lipstick Mouse”

  1. I would totally get one for my girlfriend to show her how special she is to me. I don’t think this gadget is ridiculous at all but ingenious and romantic. Guys decorate their cars more foolishly with rims larger than factory required making their vehicles look more like circus clown cars. So why can’t women bling-out their accessories as well to give it a touch of personalization no other woman in the office will have?

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