AILA robot knows how to hold things

by Mark R

This is AILA. I have no idea what it stands for, but she (yeah, I’ll call her a she) was at the Hanover Messe 2010 event at the DFKI Bremen showcase.

AILA uses SemProM, also known as Semantic Product Memory, which enables her (yes, I gave a gender to a robot once again) to figure out how to handle objects based on its shape, size, and fragility. See what that means after the jump.

Let me put it in human terms. If there was a small steel ball and an egg in front of you. You would hold these objects differently, would you? The egg would require a firm get gentle grip while the steel ball would require a strong grip to get it off of the ground.

The AILA has laser range finders that enable stereo vision in her head, and she has a 3D camera can scan for object recognition and orientation. The built-in RFID reader on the left hand also helps.

There is a video of her below, and you can see her in action. Granted, there isn’t anything to see except AILA carrying what looks like some motor oil or lighter fluid. You should note that she doesn’t crush it in her hands.

I’m not certain why AILA was given a feminine look, and it is a shame that she doesn’t have legs.


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