TVHat makes your portable video watching private

Every time I review video goggles like the myvu or the Vuzix, I can’t help but wonder why this doesn’t catch on.

After all, I love to watch videos, and if I can watch them on a Portable Media Player (PMP) in private, why shouldn’t I? Perhaps it is because many of these video goggles make you look really geeky, like Cyclops from X-men. In other words, they are not something most people would feel comfortable wearing in public without feeling like they are actively committing a serious fashion faux-pas.

Of course, if you really want to talk about silly video goggles, let’s talk the TV Hat. This oversized baseball hat is made to hold an iPod, iPhone, or any other portable media player with a small screen. The 2.5x magnification screen coupled with the flaps around the hat create an effect not unlike being in a movie theater. I’m guessing that the headphones will be sold separately.

So, if you want to watch some videos with some degree of portable privacy, than the TV Hat is probably your PMP accessory. If you don’t mind looking a little weird, of course.

You should be able to pick up the TV Hat at the Things You Never Knew Existed site for about $29.98.


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  1. I can see the jokes rolling off this gadget seeing someone wear this at work or in a public park being call a horse face lmao!

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