Powerski Jetboard

The person in the picture to my left is not water-skiing. That cord he is holding onto is not attached to any boat, but is the controller for the motorized surfboard that he is standing on.

That’s right, someone went and put a motor on a surfboard, and made it work. This is the PowerSki Jetboard, part surfboard, part jetski, all fun.

I have included a video of this after the jump so you can see it in action, and you should know that it has a 45 horsepower motor to go forty miles per hour on the water.

So, I suppose that what we are seeing is a surfboard “that doesn’t require a wave to catch”. However, if you have waves, they make some interesting watery jumps.

I wonder how long it would take the average user to get the hang of this thing? It looks like you’ve really got to keep your balance, and I’m assuming that handlebar helps with that. That corded thing looks like some sort of speed or throttle control.

Well, considering that it is going to be summer in the States here soon, that means the surfers are going to be hitting the beach like lemmings. It would be nice if they had a PowerSki Jetboard.

Unfortunately, my source doesn’t seem to have any price on this guy, or availability date.


3 thoughts on “Powerski Jetboard”

  1. Looks like mad fun! But still a jetski, not a surfboard. If a plane is the size of a car, do you call it a flying car? This is an upgrade to a jetski making it lighter but does not maneuver exactly like a real surfboard and free-flowing ability. This is good for people with awful balance to finally ride a surfboard-like sports equipment.

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