Smart Faucet saves on water

by Ally

In some ways this faucet seems like it’s taking a step backwards when compared to faucets that flip on with a sensor.  I’m a little odd when it comes to the sensor faucets though, I absolutely hate them.  Usually because about half the time they like to ignore my presence.  Instead of relying on a sensor, you could instead get an automatic faucet that gets turned on when your hands push a small lever out of the way.

It’s not something that would work for public bathrooms, but it’d be alright for an in home bathroom.  The down side is that you’d feel the need to sanitize it constantly since dirty hands are always pressed up against the piece of metal.  At least it’ll make sure to cut down on water usage, plus it also has a continuous-flow function.  You can purchase one for $39 through Gaiam.

Source: GreenHead

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hukiworld Says: April 17, 2010 at 2:13 am

Have humans become this lazy? Not only do we NEED a handle to open the faucet to get water which takes um 1.345 seconds but we ALSO need a sensor too! Seriously? God help mankind and it’s laziness- now wonder Americans are the third largest in obese population, just look at everything we do to avoid any physical labor.

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