Samsung announces AMOLED Beam cellphone in South Korea


We all know that our friends over at South Korea do have a slew of smartphones which are by far and large, much more advanced that what the rest of the world gets (of course they are a close challenger to Japan which has some pretty far out handsets as well). For those who are in the know, the Samsung Haptic Beam (SPH-W7900) which has been out for some time already has just received its successor in the form of the AMOLED Beam (SPH-W9600), making it the first full touch beam projector phone in the world which is capable of delivering an enhanced viewing experience and richer image projection.

Looks like cellphones these days are much more versatile than they used to be, and the Samsung AMOLED Beam (SPH-W9600) is no different as it allows you to project and share multi-media entertainment, games, video and pictures which are captured via its 5-megapixel camera. Those who are business oriented will be able to use the AMOLED Beam to swiftly and simply deliver professional presentations wherever and whenever required, although we are pretty sure that the room will need to be rather dark since portable projector technology, while workable, is still a far cry from what a dedicated projector is able to achieve. Better do your best to look out for its battery life as well!

The AMOLED Beam is able to project any content to a maximum screen size of 50″, where it has a display which is 1.5 times brighter than its predecessor. Coming in both a lightweight and compact design, the AMOLED Beam will be able to deliver optimized features including Microsoft Office and DivX codec support for convenient use, a 3.3” WVGA display, a 5-megapixel camera and Terrestrial DMB for you to check out your favorite TV shows while you’re on the go if time permits.

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hukiworld Says: April 16, 2010 at 9:13 am

Not impressed. I definitely would not get a phone for it’s projector capabilities unless it’s truly going to deliver a good quality screen- why pay extra for garbage. It’s like viewing poorly pirated movies from the web. Only an idiot would be this… Wait, one is born every minute. Strike that last thought lol!

CEBeastt Says: June 9, 2010 at 4:43 pm

I agree Hukiworld, projectors embedded into cell phones are a great idea but never meet expectations. The ultra-small projector industry is still playing up to people’s imagination than what is really feasible. 10 to 30 lumens just won’t do the trick. Any projectors out there that can do what they say it can do? Any honest portable projector companies out there?

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