Danish hotel lets guests generate power for their meals

For those who want to earn some free meals at your hotel stay might want to look into this hotel in Denmark.

Apparently, Crowne Plaza Hotel will reward a guest who goes on the exercise bike for about fifteen minutes. This is enough for the guest to pedal out 10 watt hours of electricity. I’m not certain how much that is good for, but if a guest is willing to sweat it out that long, he or she gets a $36 meal voucher. Again, I’m not certain how much that is good for. (For all I know, the meals at this hotel could cost $75.)

You’ve got to admire this hotel’s unique way of giving their guests a break while power is generated. Now, if these bikes were put in the gym rather than outside the hotel, then you’ve got a marriage of physical fitness and green power!

Speaking of green power, I’ve discovered that this same hotel also has solar panels up on the roof. All it needs now is someone pedaling all the time, and this place would be practically self-sustaining.

Okay, if I ever do make it to Denmark to see the Lego factory, then I’m definitely staying at this place. I wonder if there are any other hotels that have this pedaling deal? Try finding that on expedia.com.


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  1. This is awesome. I would go ride bike everyday there if they let me have one free meal everyday lmao! Times are tough, goes to show you even the rich have to rough it out a bit lmao!

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