Honda electric scooter EV-neo coming to Japan

by Mark R

This is the electric scooter, or e-scooter, from Honda known as the EV-neo.

This is a vehicle that is more green than grass. The main selling point is it allows the user to recharge the battery from ordinary household power outlets. That is good enough for about 30 km on the road, for a single charge.

The battery is a lithium ion battery from Toshiba, and it takes about 20 mintes to charge the battery to eighty percent capacity using a 200 Volt power source.

According to my source, it is the equivalent of a 50cc gas-powered motorcycle.

So essentially, what you are looking at is a electric scooter that you can cruise as far as you want, but you had better make certain that you stop every half-hour and power up from an ordinary outlet. Granted, I’m not certain if you are going to find an outlet that they will let you use at a gas station, but who knows?

Yes, I’m looking forward to the days when all of us have electric vehicles, and just park at the service station and go in for a recharge. However, we probably need to improve on the charging rates. Stopping every 30 minutes or so to charge every 30 kilometers seems too slow for me.

Honda plans putting on the EV-neo in Japan in December this year. We’ll see how this goes.


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