Halo Headphones for sleep and exercise

by Ally

Those of you that don’t feel comfortable working out or sleeping in normal earphones or headphones have another option.  Instead of just dealing with the discomfort or having to shift them while you’re working out, you could wear some of these Halo Headphones.  They quite possibly have the cheesiest slogan out there, but at least they make listening to music comfortable.

Seriously, it’s “Halo are the most heavenly headphones available on planet Earth.”  I told you it was bad.  The nice change with the headphones is that the speakers are not fixed in place, so if you feel the need to shift them for your own comfort, you can.  Plus it’ll make washing the headband actually possible.  To purchase one of these it’ll cost you $54.90 AUD through Halo.

Source: Gizmodiva

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