BeoLab 11 subwoofer from Bang & Olufsen


You know that the name Bang & Olufsen elicits images of lovely design, not to mention a high price tag when it comes to home theater equipment. Well, their latest offering would be the BeoLab 11 subwoofer which is touted to offer no less than excellent bass performance, packaged in an intriguing design while giving one unorthodox placement possibilities. This is the latest, small subwoofer from Bang & Olufsen which lives up to its brand name by delivering amazing bass quality for its size. The BeoLab 11 holds its head up proud and high by revolutionizing the subwoofer category, considering it comes in a new, never seen before design. Despite having a relatively strong sculptural presence, the BeoLab 11 possesses a discreetness about it which makes it a snap to integrate in a home environment without having to turn the room into a sound studio.

You can place the BeoLab 11 on the floor, in a corner or even mount it on a wall – something that was previously unheard of, but made possible now thanks to the unique acoustic design. The fact that it has minimal vibrations makes it one of the very few subwoofers in the world which can be mounted on the wall. Of course, it goes a long way to boast a design that you can be proud of, which means you won’t mind making sure that visitors to your home will be able to catch a glimpse of what the BeoLab 11 offers, instead of keeping it well hidden and out of sight from humans.

BeoLab 11 is capable of delivering enhanced sound experience and outstanding acoustic performance, providing a significant addition to the bass experience in any small to medium loudspeaker setup, while including low frequencies from 300 Hz and below. It comprises of a couple of identical loudspeaker cabinets, with baffles facing each other. Aluminum is the material of choice for its outer shells, where you can choose from either silver or white colors to adorn your living room. The entire concept is based on a couple of 6½” drivers with electronics, ensuring that the BeoLab 11 fully active and suited for both Bang & Olufsen and third party applications. No idea on pricing, but you can bet your bottom dollar this is going to be expensive when available!

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