Nautilus VAS Luxury Submersible

by Mark R

Nothing I love to report about than mini-submarines. Perhaps because I will probably never afford one.

I’ve reported on Richard Branson’s underwater plane, the Nymph, and just two days ago, we reported on the Marion Hyper-sub powerboat, a sub made for the yacht club.

As you can see here, we have a mini-submarine that looks more like a traditional submarine. It is even called the Nautilus VAS Luxury Submersible, and I believe that Nautilus was the name of the submarine captained by Nemo in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

It has military-grade construction, which means that it is probably bullet-proof. It also has a mini-bar and a stereo inside.

You might notice that this submarine has a huge transparent window in front, as well as huge windows on the sides. This means that there is lot of room to look at the underwater world when your down below the depths.

I suppose that is the appeal of mini-submarines, isn’t it? It’s the chance to go down into an area where there are relatively few people around. Of course, if everyone had their own mini-submarine, that would diminish the romance of it, wouldn’t it?

Granted, the Nautilus VAS Luxury Submersible costs about $2.7 million, which is clearly more than I can afford at this point in my life.


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