USB Dollar Sign Flash Drive

by Ally

If you’d like to be seeing dollar signs, now you can.  Plus, you can store files about all sorts of things right behind the dollar sign.  You don’t even have to be rich to own the little coin.  Just pay a small amount and you’ll have this to wear right around your neck.  It’s yet another way to wear your USB drive right around your neck without looking like the local computer repairman.

Of course despite that you won’t look like a computer tech, you will have a bright gold dollar sign around your neck.  Whether or not that could be considered a good or a bad thing is a bit debatable.  These come in 3 different sizes (the storage size, not the pendant), each one with a ranging price.  The 2GB drive costs $21, the 4GB is $24 and the 8GB is $34.  All three can be found through USB Brando.

Source: Gizmodiva

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