Messenger Dogs get a technical upgrade

by Mark R

I am not old enough to remember a time when a rescue dog consisted of a Saint Bernard with a small barrel of brandy around its neck.

Fortunately, we are doing things differently now. Here’s another development in rescue dogs with this project from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.

Student Laura Boffi came up with a high-tech dog collar that has the ability to search for survivors, tag the geolocation where the survivors are found, and then take a message back to the person’s loved ones while they wait for rescue.

Apparently, a lot of survivors just want to send a message to their loved ones, just to let them know that they are safe. I assume that this message could be transmitted via text message or something.

Some of these dogs can be trained to return to their owners, and some can be trained just to sit with the survivor until help comes.

I believe my source refers to this tech as “Cyborg Messenger Dogs”, but I think that puts too much of a science fiction spin on this. I would prefer if this was some show on Animal Planet. I wonder what the title would be? How about simply just “High-Tech Messenger Dogs”.


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hukiworld Says: April 13, 2010 at 10:30 pm

Cute and functional 🙂

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