Nomadic Plants, cyborgs that can save the planet

by Mark R

I realize that what you are looking at looks like a still shot from a science fiction film, and I wish to say that this was complete science fact.

These Nomadic plants are designed by a Mexican artist named Gilberto Espaza. I’m not certain whether or not this is something that actually works, but the idea is that the Nomadic plant is a self-contained cyborg that can hold plants and micro-organisms. It is a microbial fuel cell for power, and it can drink polluted water.

That’s right, polluted water. Somehow it can use the water to nourish the plants and microbes, and they power the microbial fuel cell. Don’t ask me how it can filter out the pollutants, but maybe plants don’t need unpolluted water like we do.

As you might have guessed, Espaza wants to save the planet. While is Nomadic Plants might not work, they definitely a step in the right direction as far as solving the environment problem. They will be exhibited at the Laboral Art and Industrial Creation Center in Gijon, Spain through June 7th.

Perhaps these Nomadic Plants were the next phase of Buy N Large’s plan to save the Earth. After all the WALL-E robots had stacked all the packed garbage cubes into building-sized piles.

I would hope that these Nomadic plants would plant themselves and create more plants to really fix the atmosphere. Maybe the CEO of Buy N Large wouldn’t have ordered everyone to stay in space.

By the way, if you were confused by the last two paragraphs, then you really need to watch more Disney/Pixar movies.


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