Walkman Sound Dock is not a coffee mug

by Ally

Although it seems to be a very strange shape for a speaker, it’s not such a bad idea.  It’s built for easy carrying, the speaker could easily fit into your car’s cupholder.  Plus, for those worried about theft, it’s more likely to slip under the radar as nothing more than a travel mug carrying your coffee of choice.  Plus, along with the speaker you get a dock that can charge both the speaker and your Sony Walkman at the same time.

The RDP-NWV 500 Speaker comes in bright orange or the slightly more discreet jet black.  It offers 360-degree sound through the 2-way speakers.  In order to keep it powered, you just plug it into your car just like you would your cellphone charger.  The big snag is that I’m not really sure why you’d want to use a small speaker in your car instead of your car’s speakers.  The set comes from Sony and appears that it is only in Japan right now.  Within Japan it can be purchased for ¥20,000 or about $214.

Source: Switched

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