Tanita offers Sleep Scan mat


Tanita Corp. of Japan knows just how important sleep is to you, and they have just released a mat which makes it a snap to check on the state of sleep at home when May 2010 rolls around in Japan. Dubbed the Sleep Scan, it is also known by its model number as SL-501, where it will come with a sensor to help it take measured readings of your sleeping pattern and habits. The Sleep Scan can be popped under under bedclothes or just below your mattress, and Tanita expects it to see action in medical institutions which are able to treat sleep disorders, care facilities and hotels as well as homes. After conversion, the Tanita Sleep Mat retails for around $391, where Tanita hopes to shift around 10,000 of such units in its first year itself.

What does the embedded sensor in the mat do? Well, for starters, it is able to record your pulse rate, respiration rate as well as body motion of the user thanks to an SD memory card. All recorded data can then be read by a computer which has been installed with accompanying dedicated software, where you are able to check out a wide range of metrics including the state of sleep shown as a graph among others. Apart from that, you will also be able to know just how many actual sleeping hours you get, the optimal time to get to sleep, the number of times when you are awake as well as other information to create a “sleeping score”. Apart from that, the state of sleep can be graphed in chronological order simply through the passage of time by accumulating relevant data.

Purified water is the main ingredient for its sensor, where a capacitor microphone will detect the vibration transmitted by the water contained in the mat. Following that, the vibration will be separated into three elements (pulse rate, respiration rate and body motion) that is based on the differences in frequency and strength. What do you think about this – does it truly work, or is it just a piece of high tech gizmo that most ordinary folks won’t need?


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