Sign of the Times: Little Tikes Kid-Friendly PC Workstation

by Mark R

I have a two year old child who loves to play on his mother’s laptop. Already, he knows how to access sites like and Disney’s website, and I can tell that by the time he is my age, he will be able to do more with computers than I ever will.

At his age, he should be playing with Little Tikes, which is probably why the company has made the Young Explorer Workstation. It is a Windows PC with a 160GB hard drive with 1GB worth of RAM, with a 19-inch LCD display.

As you can see in the photo, it appears that the Young Explorer Workstation has some sort of locker for the hard drive tower, presumably. It looks like there is a lock on it so the little one can’t get to it, which is very smart to install.

After all, I would figure that the purpose of the Young Explorer Workstation is to keep the little ones away from Mommy and Daddy’s computer. Of course, you will probably need to put a hole in the Workstation for the cord for power, and presumably the Internet connection if they want the kid to do some online surfing.

The price tag of this is probably going to prevent its sales, I’m sure. The whole package is $2,599.99. Yes, that is a lot.


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