Ventev PowerCELL Charger

by Mark R

We covered the EcoCHARGE from Ventev before, and I had a chance to meet with Ventev at CTIA and got to know more of their products, like the PowerCELL.

The PowerCELL reminds me of Technocel PowerPak, which is a device that can plug into the wall or the USB drive, and it will charge up as a lithium-ion battery.

In fact, it really is just like it. I plugged the PowerCELL into the wall with the included AC cord, and it took several hours to charge. I don’t know how long it took to charge, but I simply plugged it in before I went to bed, and it was finished by morning. If it helps, it is a 1700 mAh battery. While it is charging, there are these five tiny blue lights that can surprisingly light up a dark room. I believe that the PowerPak has a similar series of indicator lights.

Once it was charged, I plugged it into my iPod, and it began to charge it. The PowerCELL only can charge anything that has a USB charging capability. There is a complete list of the products that it can do on this page. You should be able to get the PowerCELL at the exact same web site for about $54.99.

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