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For those who have a small network at home (most homes do these days as it is no longer considered to be a luxury, but more or less a necessity with all the interconnectivity that abounds), enjoying the benefits of it can be a real joy, although setting one up can be quite the technical challenge for the less well versed. The Drobo FS is here to help where network file sharing capabilities along with automated data protection are concerned, since it will go great lengths to simplify shared storage for the connected home, home office and small office users. Using the revolutionary BeyondRAID technology and a flexible platform for adding features and capacity as and when required, the Drobo FS can be customized and scaled easily and quickly to meet current or future storage requirements.

Among the features and benefits of having Drobo FS would be :-

  • Plug In and Share: The Drobo FS connects directly to any Gigabit Ethernet network for a true plug in and share set-up experience.
  • 5-Drive Capacity and Instant Expansion to 10TB and Beyond: With Drobo FS, expansion is automatic, instantaneous, and access to data is always maintained.
  • Single- and Dual-Drive Redundancy: The Drobo FS dual drive redundancy option protects against the simultaneous failure of up to two hard drives.
  • Self-Healing Technology: With BeyondRAID, the Drobo FS continually examines data blocks and sectors on each drive to flag potential issues.
  • Customizable Storage: Utilizing the growing library of DroboApps, including media and web applications, users can customize the Drobo FS to further enhance their sharing experience.

The Drobo FS will start from £469 (€519) excluding VAT upwards, where the high end configuration will set you back at £969 (€1079) for a 10TB (thanks to two 2TB drives) package. Folks who are interested can pick one up from an authorized partner or check out their online site instead.

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