Sensation Lounge chair

Designer Alexander Christoff is starting to develop a penchant for making these strange chairs. He once designed a chair that is an homage to Ferrari, and it was fire-engine red with an odd footrest.

This Sensation Lounge Chair, as it is called, is apparently the ultimate for relaxation. Not only can the user recline nicely, but there is a screen there for watching anything you want to watch. If you are going to relax, I would suggest watching something like Planet Earth.

Some of you might notice that the screen on this guy seems a little…small, and I would agree with them. It doesn’t look any more than 12 inches along its diagonal. Isn’t there any way to make it so a big-screen can be mounted there or something? Man, that would be the way to watch a movie.

I’m not certain if Alexander Christoff wants to market this chair, or what his plan is, but it doesn’t look inexpensive. You know what it reminds me of? A reclining chair on the edge of some pool in the future. Or one of those sixties or seventies science fiction films where they were trying to look futuristic, and it just ends up looking silly by today’s standards. Like The Jetsons, for example.