Send a hug online to your children with the Huggy Pajama

by Mark R

The outfit that the person in this photo is wearing reminds me of a coat my sister to wear when she was a kid, but this is actually pajama outfit.

It is called the Huggy Pajama, and it is an application of technology that I’m not certain I like. You see, the Huggy Pajama is connected to the Internet, presumably wirelessly, and the parent of the child, or friend, or whoever can send hugs to the pajama.

That’s right, you can actually send a hug through the Internet. I have no idea what sort of sensors are in the Huggy Pajama to simulate the feeling of an embrace, but the person on the other end is supposed to hug a small mobile doll with an embedded pressure sensing unit.

I mentioned earlier that this is technology that I don’t really like, and I will tell you my reason. As a parent, I have found that there is nothing as wonderful as a hug of a young child. Whenever my children hug stuffed animals, they put their whole selves into it, their heart as well as their arms. It is the best expression of love that there is.

The idea that we have a device that can hug over a distance shows that we need such a device. My advice is: stay at home as often as you can, and give your kids some authentic hugs. You’ll be glad that you did.


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