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Motorola does not only make cellphones and smartphones just in case you were wondering and are new to the scene, as they have their fingers dipped in the world of communication devices as well. Their latest device would be the H17txt Bluetooth headset that will offer wireless mobility when communicating with your contacts over a Bluetooth-enabled cellphone. Thanks to MotoSpeak, this Bluetooth headset was specially designed to keep you connected and responsible regardless of whether you have two hands behind the wheel or not, where it was created to optimize the text-to-speech technology. Apart from that, when paired with an application, the H17txt will read text messages (SMS) into the headset in real time, helping you keep your eyes peeled on the road. Apart from that, you can also choose to customize an automated response and automatically enable text-to-speech whenever the headset is turned on.

To take advantage of MotoSpeak, just download the text-to-speech application to their smartphone and you’re good to go. Of course, you need not search for those cracks and warez sites, as it is available from multiple application stores such as the App Store and the Android Market as long as you search for “MotoSpeak.” The application when enabled, will do the above mentioned by automatically enabling you to hear your text messages through your headset. Not only that, other features of the Motorola H17txt Bluetooth headset include :-

  • Easy on: Text messages will automatically be played over your H17txt with MotoSpeak every time your headset is activated.
  • Incoming text message sender ID: Always be in the know about who in your phonebook is trying to text you without having to take your hands off the wheel with sender ID announcements.
  • Auto-response message: Determine if you want to send an automated text message to callers informing them that you are driving and will call back when available or pick a more personalized message to send.
  • Translates 150 text acronyms: Acronyms such as lol, btw and l8r are translated when the text message is read aloud, so you will never miss the meaning of a message.

When connected to any Bluetooth-compatible phone, it will also enable you to hear turn-by-turn directions, where obviously only the driver will be able to hear it, letting the rest of the folks in the car be less irritated by the voice used in turn-by-turn directions. Not only that, you will also be able to benefit from voice prompts that update you on battery level, mute status, and how to connect for the first time amongst others. Expect to see the H17txt with MotoSpeak hit the US from this month onwards from Verizon Wireless Communications stores.

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