Hands on Review of the Nyko Charge Base IC

When I saw Nyko at CES 2010, their big products was the Wand+ and the Charge Base Quad IC.

Nyko recently gave me a chance to try out the Charge Base IC, and I was pretty impressed with it. This isn’t the first time that I used a device to charge Wiimotes, but this one has some interesting features.

The first and most prominent feature is “high end induction technology” that allows charging via magnets. The user simply puts his or her Wiimote on the Charge Base IC and it stays there with a tight magnetic seal. I can honestly say that this is the greatest “ooo” feature of this product.

This seal allows the charger to charge with silcone sleeves and WiiMotion Plus adapters on it, which is something most Wiimote chargers don’t allow.

When the Wiimote is fully charged, the light in the background will change color from blue to green. After that, it is good for about 10 hours of playtime.

Other cool features include an extra USB port for charging USB rechargeable devices such as iPods. It also has an outlet with pass-through port so it doesn’t take up any outlet space.

You should be able to go to the Nyko site and get the Charge Base IC for about $34.99. I believe that the Charge Base Quad IC is available for $49.99. That’s about $15 more, and can do twice as much. I’ll let you decide whether this is a good deal.

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