Community Transit: Probably the most private system of public transportation

Designer Dave Owsen’s concept for mass-transit is one that allows for privacy for its travelers, which is something that most public transportation systems shun.

How many times have you ever ridden a bus or subway, only to be annoyed by a loud-mouthed passenger or bothered by misbehaving children? Community Transit, as it is called, is made so that every passenger or select group of passengers have a private car.

I guess it’s probably too much to call them private, as these things have a big transparent screen so you can be seen quite clearly by those outside. However, the space inside is enough for parents to travel in without having to worry about their children bothering anyone. As someone who has kids, I’m familiar with the “don’t bother me” stares given by those who don’t enjoy childish behavior on a bus or train.

Yes, the Community Transit will allow families to travel together privately, like in a car or taxi, at a lesser price, conceivably. Apparently, there is a planned touchscreen so the rider can select their location, but destinations are rather limited, given this monorail/gondola track system.

Perhaps they can make it so it can join up with other tracks, and still have enough “buckets” underneath so that everyone has a way to travel. I don’t know what the would-be rider would do if the Community Transit was too crowded, though.