Facadeprinter makes Berlin a whole lot more interesting


Berlin has a brand new gadget that will definitely get people all excited – and we’re not talking about a new beer machine or the iPad, but the Facadeprinter. This device took at least two years to construct, and is more than ready to spice up the dreary walls of Berlin with plenty of color, as long as you have a flair for art. It would be interesting to see the city start to change parts of its dreary areas with a whole lot of color, don’t you think so? Hopefully the authorities there would be understanding enough to let the Facadeprinter be used appropriately without citing city by-laws or guidelines to prevent one from expressing him/herself via art.

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Neagle Says: April 4, 2010 at 8:08 am

I would hate to see this thing employed as a marketing tool but, to cover “structure” that is highly susceptible to graffiti vandalism with community art is damn cool.

Abe User Says: April 5, 2010 at 9:04 pm

I’d like to tell the two teenagers above to stay the f**k away from my house or any other building that does not belong to their rich parents or over privileged friends.

Grafitti laws exist for a reason. For every Haring, there are 10,000 gutter punks posing as if they have real talent, making grown ups pay up to clean their crayola scribbles off their porch.

Take your no talent DJs and recycled ‘art’ efforts and go starve for a while so you can figure out if you are really ‘into this art thing’.

My lawn, etc.

Neagle Says: April 8, 2010 at 6:44 pm

Wow Abe User relax and read the text. Community art, in particular mural art, used to cover naked civic structure has been proven to significantly reduces graffiti vandalism. This device can significantly reduce the cost of such endeavors increasing the projects outreach. Often private industry funds such projects to cover areas of company assets susceptible to graffiti vandalism such as naked structure facing areas such as railway tracks. No one suggested marking up your house or for that matter even stepping on your “lawn” which is most likely well “fertilized” with your “BS.”

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