Umbra Loft Charging Valet Studio

Most of the attractive charging stations use nice looking materials but lean towards similar shapes.  This one offers a softer look that doesn’t feature the boxy design of many others.  Instead it has a chic look that’s more likely to appeal to women.  Which is nice, because it’s a happy medium between a unisex charging station and one that’s covered in flowers or is bright pink.

The station will accommodate up to 3 of your gadgets.  You just use the chargers that you already own and plug them in the inside of the charging valet.  Then when it gets plugged into the wall it’s only taking up one of your outlets.  The jet black valet is actually very affordable too.  It comes from Target for only $24.99.  Before purchasing you may want to take a look at the plugs that come with it, just to make sure the 3 gadgets you intend to plug in can all fit on the power strip.

Source: Bltd