TomTom Start2 makes driving a whole lot more relaxing

Some of us love being behind the wheel, never mind if the car is a bone shaker or if it has the whiff of a new vehicle inside – we just love the freedom that it provides us, being able to go anywhere we want to (as long as there are roads) although the only thing that might throw us off our kilter would be a non-stop nagging wife, a backseat driver or the bane of all driving – nasty traffic jams while you have been holding your bladder for the past hour and really, really need to go. Why not solve the third problem (and perhaps the first two as well since some GPS systems offer MP3 playback and even video support to keep the wife singing or kids glued to Barney) with a GPS navigation system that helps you get from point A to point B within the shortest time possible? Enter the TomTom Start2 device that shifts car navigation up a gear by making driving even more stress-free.

Among the new features that are found in the TomTom Start2 would include advanced lane guidance that makes light work of complex junctions. This feature will display all of the lanes in a clear manner on the device, making sure it is a no-brainer for anyone to choose the right route when it comes to decision crunch time, helping make navigation a whole lot simpler and stress-free instead of taking the wrong turn by accident simply because today’s road networks comprise of so many turns, forks, flyovers and tunnels at a particular junction.

GPS virgins as well as new drivers will appreciate the new spoken street names feature by a mile, simply because the name of the street they’re entering is read out loud for them to keep their eyes peeled on the road to make sure that they are on the right track. Apart from that, the TomTom Start2 is also fully compatible with RDS-TMC Traffic, where traffic information is transmitted to the device. Among these details include what has happened, the affected area and estimated delay. This device is also smart enough to come up with an alternative route to helping you get to your destination on time. Thankfully, the TomTom Start2 comes with a simplified menu like its predecessors, offering just a couple of options – ‘Plan route’ or ‘Browse map’. The TomTom Start2 can be purchased from this month onwards, retailing for £119 as it comes with a regional map and £139 for a model with an European map.

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