This is a Robotic Skateboard

by Mark R

Man, I saw this guy here and said: “does this guy look cool or what?”

Yeah, I had to cover this story. I mean, it is about a robotic skateboard for crying out loud! In all honesty, I don’t know whether I would call this a robot, and I think its got a little too few wheels to be a skateboard.

I’m guessing that those two wheels are designed to be perfectly balanced, just like a Segway. In fact, the user has to lean forward to make it go forward, just like a Segway (so I’m told).

I’m not certain what that thing sticking out on the front of it. I mean, it looks like some sort of thing that was sticking out of my carry-on baggage. In other words, it looks like this guy is standing on his luggage! Still, when I step on my luggage, it doesn’t go at 6 miles per hour. I think that a real skateboard could probably go faster, and I’m not certain how safe this is, really.

You should be able to get this robotic skateboard sometime in 2013, but for a price of about $1000. Yes, that is a very expensive price for a skateboard, but this is a robotic one, kind of.



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hukiworld Says: April 2, 2010 at 2:08 am


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