Cisco Valet makes home wireless networking dummy-proof


Setting up your home wireless network can be quite a challenge for some, as it does require some fair bit of technical knowledge to get one up and running. Cisco, a longtime name when it comes to networking technology, is back with something that is touted to be dummy-proof. We’re talking about the Cisco Velvet – a breakthrough new product line which makes home wireless simple and accessible for just about everybody. The whole idea of Valet would be to transform how families use the Internet in their homes, letting them enjoy the freedom of wireless access without having to be bogged down by traditional frustration and complexity that are often synonymous with setting up a home network for the less technically inclined.

Valet is touted to be the first wireless product line that is dummy-proof, making it a snap for virtually anyone to set up and manage their own home wireless network. All you need to do is insert the included Easy Setup Key straight into a USB port that is available on your computer (PC or Mac, it doesn’t matter), and let the Cisco Connect software load to finish up the rest of the job. Cisco claims that other wireless products require 20 to 30 complicated steps before you can set up a single computer, but their Cisco Connect software is capable of taking you to the promised land in but three steps – from start to finish. The Easy Setup Key will retain all setup information and can be inserted into other computers lying around your home to seamlessly add them to the home’s wireless network.

When set up is complete, the Valet will offer users a simple way to manage their family’s home wireless experience. You can add additional devices to the network, set parental controls, provide Internet access for guests on a separate guest network and customize personal security settings inclusive of passwords. Apart from that, all these controls can be set on-the-fly, letting you modify web usage for selected days and times of the week, and even for temporary periods if the need arises. You will be able to choose from two models – Valet and Valet Plus, as they are based on the size of the home and the mix of wired and wireless devices. Apart from that, the simple Valet Connector helps update older computers without built-in wireless capabilities to touch the Wireless-N promised land. The Valet will retail for $99.99, while the Valet Plus is going for $149.99 with the Valet Connector complementing either for $79.99.

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