Philips Imageo AquaLight

by Ally

Opinions tend to strongly vary when it comes to electronic devices trying to mimic candles.  Sure, we’ve all but replaced them when it comes to our main source of light, but they’re still frequently used to freshen up your house or to cast a little mood lighting.  Well Philips is making another attempt to replace those candles in one other area.  Instead of floating candles in a pretty bowl or your pool, you can use this set of lights.

These LED lights really look nothing like the candles they’re trying to imitate.  Yet they do put in quite a lot of effort by making it so that the light flickers just like a candle.  It also will run for 20 hours after being charged for 10.  To turn it on or off you just shake the light.  They do float, so you can use them in the bath tub, the pool or any other watery areas.  It would be a great way for people that tend to accidentally almost burn the house down to still enjoy the candle-look.  You can pick up a set of 3 for $42.99 through Amazon.

Source: Newlaunches

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