See your Inbox on your T-Shirt

by Mark R

I suppose that all of us don’t like to be away from our e-mail for a prolonged period of time, myself included. However, if I just knew that I didn’t have a lot of e-mails to check, I might be able to enjoy my time away from my computer.

As you can probably tell from this photo, this is a DIY project. Chris and Madeline Ball posted their work on the MAKE website, and have succeeded in their quest of showing the world just how much email that the wearer is getting.

There is a video after the jump so you can see how it works. You can see that it uses an Arduino Lilypad controller, connected to an Android device, which wirelessly syncs with a computer to light up how many emails that you have.

Some of you might have noticed that it uses a binary numbers (exponents of the power of 2) in order to show the number of e-mails, which means you have to add these numbers up to get the correct amount. The max it will show you is 127 emails. If you have that many after a few hours, then man, you are just way too busy.

I honestly don’t know why you can’t just get yourself a data plan on your mobile phone and check your emails that way. Still, if this couple can figure out a way to mass-produce this shirt, then it could be the latest fad.


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