Sphelar solar cells provide a transparent power generator on windows

What you are seeing here is the Sphelar solar cells. They are made by the Kyosemi Corporation, which debuted at the PV Expo 2010 in Tokyo.

The purpose of the Sphelar solar cells is to improve on regular solar panels. You know how most solar cells are flat, and are at only one angle? That isn’t really an accurate way to collect the sun, but Sphelar solar cells are solidified drops of silicon that can be molded into any shape. For example, they can be placed on a curved dome that allows the sun to hit it from any angle.

As you can see, the Sphelar material is also near-transparent. This allows the user to put it on any ordinary window, and it will make it into a solar power generator. It will also make it slightly tinted, which will keep out the blinding sunlight when it needs to be kept out.

I suppose that the potential for this tech is pretty endless. For example, can you imagine all glass skyscrapers becoming solar-powered energy producers? What if all homes had these Sphelar cells on their windows? Granted, I don’t know how much energy you can get from these things, but hey, every little bit counts when saving energy.