Solar Electric Shaver

by Ally

Those of you that have the strong tendency to shave on the go or away from electrical outlets, this shaver is able to go all sorts of places.  It’s powered by the sun, which means as far as this goes you could go through your grooming process in any location you choose.  Just make sure to leave it in a window to soak up a little sun while it’s not in use.

The gadget can get a full charge from a bright shiny day within 8 to 12 hours.  That might make it not the best choice as a primary source, but it’d be a great back up to have in your desk at work or any other areas you tend to frequent.  An electric shaver is a strange item to rely on solar power with, but if it does the trick then it’s worth a try.  Plus it’s one of the more affordable ones I’ve come across.  You can purchase it for £14.99 or about $22 through Nigel’s Eco Store.

Source: Envirogadget

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