One-handed keyboard on the back of a jellyfish

by Mark R

Take a look at what you see here, this is not a mouse that requires five fingers to use, but it is a keyboard.

It is a keyboard that doesn’t require two hands, either. It is designed by Erik Campbell, and uses fnger combinations like piano chords in order to type the right letters, numbers, or other symbols.

This isn’t the first time that someone has divined a one-handed keyboard, and one designed by Doug Engelbart in 1968 is like a box with keys like a piano.

This Campbell model is rounder and nicer looking, and borrows its shape from that of nature as it resemles the back of a jellyfish.

I suppose this could be the beginning of an age of one-handed keyboards, and I can see a day where the traditional QWERTY is gone.

Then all we will have on our desks is a mouse and this one-handed keyboard. I would imagine that interfacing will look pretty interesting.

Of course, it might take a while before we can transition into the age of the one-handed keyboard. I mean, if I have to learn how to type again, then I’m not certain that it is worth the effort.

However, I don’t want to be the last guy who still uses a QWERTY. I can just see me in the rest home on my QWERTY, with visiting relatives looking at it like kids of today view typewriters.


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