Personalize your mobile with the iaPeel skin

While I was at CTIA 2010 this year, I was bombarded by businesses who can somehow turn a profit by selling skins for mobile devices. Most of these businesses looked the same, but one of the most unusual ones that I saw was from a company known as iaPeel, “the only consumer printable skin system”.

All the user has to do is download some special software, and then he or she can put their own image on their skin. From there, it is as easy as printing off a deskjet printer.

These iaPeel skins are available for all kinds of mobile devices, and they are very easy to put on. They also have “a built-in precision alignment system that ensures a perfect fit every time”.

Not only are the iaPeel made from a durable material, but you may notice how the skin of this frame blends perfectly with the image on the device’s digital wallpaper. This is all part of the software.

The iaPeel doesn’t have a distributor as yet, but really should. I’m going to help them as much as I can. The cost is estimated to be $29.95 MSRP pakage, with 12 retail packages per box, 4 boxes per case, and one case minimum order. Find out more information about it here.