iLane: Not software, not Apple, but makes driving safer

by Mark R

Clearly, this whole texting-while-driving is a huge hot-button issue, as there was an entire area of the CTIA floor that was practically devoted to it.

Most of the devices were software that you could download on your mobile phone (usually an iPhone App form) so you could stop texting at certain speeds, or have your text messages read aloud to you. The iLane, which is not an Apple product, is “the world’s first and only in-car device that gives you complete control of your smartphone by using simple voice commands”.

This allows the driver to open, listen to, and respond to email by voice alone. The driver can also make and receive phone calls by saying a person’s name or phone number out loud, as well as answer phone calls with a simple vocal command. The driver can also have their calendar events read aloud as well.

The iLane is compatible with most Bluetbooth enabled BlackBerry Smartphone, and it is secure, non-server based using 256 BIT AES Encryption. In other words, what happens in the vehicle, stays in the vehicle. Dang, I have been in Vegas for too many days.

The iLane is up for distribution rights, but if you want to get it, go to the iLane site. Hopefully, it is a good product, or it could be iLame.

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