ZAGG has really grown up

I realize that since I am CTIA 2010 in Vegas, that I should talk about all the most impressive things there. I guess that I just couldn’t stop being impressed at ZAGG, a company that I barely noticed two years ago at CES.

Considering they were the masters of the Invisible Shield, their recent catalog is full of things that are completely unrelated to the Invisible Shield. For example, the ZAGG buds, and the ZAGG smartbuds. There is also the Bluetooth compatible triangular speaker known as the ZAGGrock. All this with the ZAGGsparq and ZAGG home media center (on sale soon), and you’ve got one successful company.

Yes, we have covered you a lot, but I want you to beware, as I have noticed some imitators of your Invisible Shield, which was once your primary bread and butter, buddies. A company known as Wrapsol is a protective shield for mobiles which goes on dry. Uh-oh.

However, I believe that ZAGG might have a distinct advantage over this new competitor. According to their catalog, they intend to have “exclusive rights to a molecular coating process that protects consumer electronics against damage caused by water and moisture exposure”.

It would appear that the mobile shield wars are heating up, offensively and defensively. May the best shield protect from bankruptcy in the end.