My Visit with Cinterion Wireless Modules

by Mark R

While I was at CTIA 2010, I had a chance to visit with Cinterion Wireless Modules. If you have never heard of them, then I don’t blame you. It’s not like they are a household name like Microsoft, Samsung, Panasonic, or any other big tech company.

No, Cinterion Wireless Modules is a Munich-based company that makes GSM-based machine-to-machine (M2M) communication devices. M2Ms can produce, transmit, and then decode data over a cellular network.

You’re probably wondering why I am writing about this. Usually my spiel is to open up with some remark, introduce the coolest gadget, give the specs, and hopefully conclude with a funny or thoughtful ending, along with the price and availability date. Yes, I am aware that I am falling into patterns.

This is sadly the mindset that I went into with my interview with Cinterion. Man, I was like a kid who had to watch an educational film. However, after listening to their presentation, it occurred to me that there are a lot of modules within devices that make our lives a lot easier. M2M Modules come in handy all the time like in metering, health care, payment, tracking, security. Now that sounds like a kid’s educational film right there.

In short, I learned something about the importance of the unnoticed technology.

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