Hands on with the Vuzix Wrap 310

I have used Vuzix’s products before, such as the iWear VR920. I recently had a chance to try out Wrap 310: “the world’s first wearable and stylish 16:9 widescreen display”.

I tried it out, and I was able to hook it up pretty quickly and check out video footage on my iPod touch in minutes. The controller was powered by 2 AA batteries, and it automatically synced with the Wrap 310 quite easily.

It also came with a composite AV cable that I could hook up with my DVD player, and, out of curiosity, I tried a 3D movie. After adjusting the internal controls, I was able to view Bob’s Big Break from Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D.

The inner screen for this one isn’t as big as the one for the iWear VR920, but perhaps this is the point. I found the screen to be good for my vision, and could probably walk around all day with the Wrap and my iPod if I wanted to.

That is, if there wasn’t so many wires. Sadly, wireless technology hasn’t advanced to the point where it can remove the connection from the controller, and the connection to the iPod or whatever else it is attached to. These wires, along with the ones that connect to the earbuds, the Wrap becomes quite a tangled wrap.

But that is the only negative thing that I would say about what is probably the best video goggles on the market today. You can get them on the Vuzix site for about $249.00.

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