Firegard robot grows through flaming rubble on its cool wheels

I’ve seen concept robots before that are meant to go through fires, like the Omnitread.

The Firegard doesn’t have the snake-like construction of the Omnitread, but it does have an interesting wheel construction.

Hopefully, those star-shaped wheels are sturdier than they look, because I’m not certain how they could be bent in such a manner. Clearly, they are designed to go over burnt rubble in a building. On the “head” of this guy is a camera to transmit what it sees to the fire department, so they can figure out what to do in the inferno.

I’ve always noticed that these fireproof robots with the cameras seem to have a design flaw: they appear to be too slow. Both the Omnitread and Firegard look durable enough to go through the flames, but by the time the firemen get the footage and calculate a response, I’m not certain whether a life could be saved.

I mean, by the time you get it set up with the transmitter, it will slowly crawl through a burning building that has probably been on fire for quite a while. Assuming that it sees someone, how long will it take to formulate a rescue plan?

Well, the technology had better get faster in order for this to be practical.


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  1. I thought radio signals have problems getting through fires. Maybe it’s only really big forest fires and the like…..

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