Nyko Energy Pak for the WiiFit Balance Board

by Mark R

Nyko is practically getting legendary with its gaming accessories, and they have turned their attention on a problem that I am familiar with: the batteries in the Wii Balance Board.

As an owner of one of these WiiFits, I can testify to how often these batteries in these Balance Boards wear out. They are worse than the batteries wearing out in the Wiimotes after hours of play. Since I tried out the Nyko Energy Pak, I don’t have that battery probably in my balance board anymore.

The Energy Pak is a Lithium-Ion powered battery pack that will fit directly into where the 4 AA batteries are kept. It can charge by hooking it up to an AC Port Relocator, and then hook that up with an AC outlet. Don’t ask me why they didn’t put the AC Port Relocator and AC outlet on one individual unit.

Anyway, the Energy Pak takes a few hours to recharge, and it is good for 30 hours worth of playing time. It has a charge indicator that is red when out of juice, yellow when almost charged, and (you guessed it) green when fully charged.

You should be able to get the Energy Pak from the Nyko Site for about $19.99. I believe that this is a small price to pay for the batteries that you would go through if you didn’t use it.

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