Hands on Review of the DXG-A80V

I have been reporting on DXG’s camcorders for quite a while, and I found them to be adequate for those who want to make funny YouTube videos, but they often fell short for resolution.

This is because many of them were 720p shooting, but the DXG-A80V is 1080p, and shoots very clear at 30fps. The user also has the option of switching to 1080i at 60fps.

The DXG-A80V is also can shoot digital stills at 10 megapixels. It can support high-capacity SD cars up to 16GB. It also has a “built-in Gyro sensor for electronic image stabilizer and 5X optical zoom”. All in all, I would have to say that the DXG-A80V is essentially your all purpose camera.

One the most interesting features is the touchscreen interface. It’s something that I haven’t seen on their earlier models, but I’m glad it is here. Another feature is the digital voice recording function for making instant to-do lists and such. That’s something else that I wished I would have seen on earlier camcorders, but couldn’t I just use the camera to film me reminding myself of something?

The camera comes with all you would expect, such as HDMI cable, USB cable, carrying case, sadly, no SD included. Too bad. Anyway, you should be able to get it on the DXG site for about $299.99.