Zipcharge Quick Charger

With so many devices to tote around these days, making sure they have enough juice to run on is essential wherever we go. Unfortunately, that means packing a plethora of chargers to go, which surely goes a long way in adding the amount of weight you have to tote around. The Zipcharge Quick Charger aims to help you out with that, where it comes in the form of a rechargeable power stick that takes a mere 15 minutes of charging to provide your iPod with another 20 hours of audio playback, while you get 10 more hours of talk time. Now, these are all theoretical figures, so you might want to take it with a pinch of salt. How about a 60 second charge that offers 2 hours of playback on your iPod? Armed with a bunch of adaptor tips for virtually any portable gadget out there, the Zipcharge Quick Charger is going for £49.99.