Laptop doubles as its own carrying case

by Ally

Instead of buying a case to carry your laptop, you could have a laptop that doubles as a case.  This concept would allow for you to carry around just a little less and maybe even spend a tiny bit less money.  Sure, some people carry around too much gear and need the bag, but in those cases when you need a bag, the handle could also be used in other useful ways.

Be it making it easier to just walk around your office with a laptop or for longer trips, I could easily see it becoming a very common convenience very quickly.  The handle itself could also be moved to use to prop up your laptop.  Which would make it so that you wouldn’t have to carry around a laptop stand either.  Right now the “Playing By Heart” laptop is a design straight from the mind of Zhang Shouze.  That means that you aren’t exactly going to be purchasing one anytime soon.

Source: GadgetLab

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