Industrial Double iPod Dock

Of all the iPod docks I’ve come across (and I’ve seen a lot), this one is now my all time favorite.  It’s the most interesting one I’ve looked over, without it being a cheap novelty device.  This would be great for anyone that enjoys the industrial look or just wants something new that stands out from the rest of their electronics.  Plus, for being a dock, it’s somewhat budget friendly.

This whole thing was created using parts found in a second hand hardware store.  Being from used parts, it gives the dock an extremely unique look.  Even if the creator were to make several, none of them could ever be exactly alike.  The dock is compatible with all sorts of different iPods and all of the iPhones.  It’ll even work with the iPod shuffle, which is a rare thing to find.  You can purchase the double sided dock for $95 through Etsy.

Source: ChipChick