Mistletoe Pocket Ashtray

Want something absolutely zany if you are a regular smoker? Perhaps you might want to check out the Mistletoe Pocket Ashtray that offers a colorful method of disposing of your cigarette butts. After all, if you happen to be in a fine city like Singapore, nonchalantly flicking the butt to the street will more often than not result in being slapped with a summons on the spot. The Mistletoe Pocket Ashtray allows you to do so in a dignified manner, sliding the cap aside to see half a dozen cigarette-shaped holes, making it a snap to just pop the ciggy in and close it up. Made from tough and heat-resistant ABS plastic, the Mistletoe Pocket Ashtray comes in orange, lime green or pink colors, retailing for $9.90 a pop. It would make for an interesting cellphone ornament, don’t you think so?