Ergoroller massages your wrists

by Ally

There are plenty of squishy and even oddly shaped wrist rests out there to alleviate the pressure off of your wrists.  Yet how many actually have lots of little massaging balls.  With this your wrists will receive a miniature massage every single time you slide the mouse around.  Of course you may prefer the squishy feel of the other rests, but for those that would like to try something new, this is definitely different.

The Ergoroller is pretty basic stuff.  It’s just a few metallic balls attached to a plastic base.  The base holds it there, but the balls themselves are free to move around.  Is anyone else failing miserably at stopping themselves from snickering about balls that massage you?  I was just wondering, not that I’d find it humorous.  That’s just childish.  You can purchase the massaging balls for $25.

Source:  Technabob

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