Strata Building can make its own energy

I believe that the ultimate goal of environmentalists is to have all of our buildings be completely independent from “the grid”. In other words, through the use of sustainable resources, buildings will have all the power they need without the power company.

This building, known as the Strata Building, is one step in the right direction. The Strata, also known as the Razor, has three giant turbines on its 42nd story top. These blades are in the building facade and can generate eight percent of the building’s energy use.

In other words, it is a building with windmills on top. A lot of homes have chosen to have windmills in order to generate power, but they usually only end up being energy efficient if you get all the wind you need. In the case of the Strata, they are capable of generating 50MWh of electricity each year, which is not bad, even if it is less than ten percent.

My source was quick to point out that the Strata must not be put in the way of other buildings. I mean, how would you like to design a building with wind turbines and then put it in the middle of a city so the wind can’t get to it? Why is it that I can totally see a city planning committee making just such a mistake?


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  1. Im sure that with proper thought, you could actually harness more wind energy in the city area. The winds might be more turbulent, but it actually has fewer places to go other than up. Wind whipping between buildings could be harnessed somehow, maybe in a clever street design

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