GM working on new enhanced vision systems

by Mark R

Research and Development at General Motors, in cooperation with several universities, is developing a way of using augmented reality in automobiles.

This isn’t the same type of augmented reality used in scavenger hunts, but it is able to gather data from vehicle sensors and cameras to project images generated by compact ultraviolet lasers right on the surface of the windshield itself.

Here is a link to a video where you can see a developer talking about the technology, also known as enhanced vision system. You will see an instance of when the lasers paint the edge of the road on the windshield in foggy weather. This is so the driver knows where the edge is and can avoid it, which is very difficult to see when visibility is low.

You may also have noticed how it can circle the speed limit sign as the car drives by. Some of you might have a GPS that reminds you have that, but I suppose the visual reminder helps as well. In fact, this system helps to locate other obstacles on the road too.

Well, it would appear that this is still concept technology, and it’s pretty crude. I mean, it would be cooler if there was a more defined line outlining the road, but this feels more like something at a laser show.


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