Coffee Inhaler can keep you awake, without the percolator.

Clearly, there must be a demand for legalized inhalants, as a company known as Le Whif has made inhalable chocolate. This company has also invented a coffee inhaler.

I suppose that this product is for those who like what coffee can do, but don’t want to drink it. I must admit that I fall under this category of people, and this is why I drink Mountain Dew. What you are seeing here is the bhong that holds lipstick-like containers that are then pulled open, inserted in the mouth, and then inhaled.

The sticks can deliver 100 milligrams of caffeine, which is the drinking equivalent of a cup of espresso. Apparently, you can get nine hits on an individual stick, but this is “depending on how hard they inhale”. I wonder what happens if you don’t inhale?

Okay, enough Clinton jokes. Still, are we looking at an age where we are inhaling coffee? I mean, the early nineties brought us over-priced coffee franchises like Starbucks, and several people can’t live without these franchises. However, I must admit that these coffee whiffs are probably cheaper. They are sold individually for $3 or three for $8. I don’t have a price for the inhaler itself, but I’m sure you could probably get something similar in a back alley.


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